Praise & Gratitude

I really appreciate the time you took to do this. It shows I’m on the right track but has given me food for thought too. I will definitely keep your contact details and recommend. Thanks again.
Love and light.
Lisa K.

You have reached inside of my head and my heart! These things are so true!!! I do feel that way and I have had color on my mind a lot here lately, in my dress and home. Conformation. Thank you so so so much!!!
Tiffney W.

I’ll admit I was skeptical. Clearly, what the heck do I know? Thanks so much for the reading!!!
Misti M.

Wow! Thank you so much! I’ve definitely been wondering whether I’m really in alignment because the money is so elusive – even to the point of basic survival needs – and I’ve been feeling like I’m doing it all wrong – yet don’t know how to do it differently! Thank you so much for the guidance and encouraging words!

Mellie R. (Artist)

Hi Kavita! Your reading was pretty accurate! This is something I am REALLY wrestling with right now.
Nicole C.

Thank you! That is so perfect I’m speechless. And green is my color :)) That part is DEAD ON.

Shari T.

You are a Goddess, Kavita! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom, intuition and gifts with me and the rest of my group! I am BLOWN. AWAY. You’re like the 3rd or 4th “intuitive” person to confirm that I need to start coming “out of hiding”. And not to mention, I hear this coming up intuitively every damn day! The Universe is definitely trying to get my attention! lol I have some thinking to do. Thank you, love!

Dani M. (Intuitive Empowerment Coach)


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