Money Decisions: Gauge Your Feelings!

I’ve been reflecting on the choices I’ve made to grow and expand over the years.

I’ve been in all sorts of places – sitting on the fence, unsure of what action to take…and taking a quantum leap – completely out of my comfort zone! I could feel my stomach do somersaults with these kinds of decisions. 

And I’ve toned down those leaps into making decisions that stretched me into a better version of me without knocking down all my belief systems simultaneously.

I’ve made decisions because everyone said it is the next logical step (I’ve decided that these kinds of decisions are no longer a part of my life) and I’ve made decisions that I was in total alignment with. I knew without a doubt that THIS IS IT!

After experiencing the whole spectrum of feelings when making decisions, I’ve decided that those “this-is-it” decisions and those decisions that feel like it’s something I should do but it’s a little stretch out of comfort zone are the ones I should aim for.

Here is a great way to asses where you are with all of this: When it comes to spending your money, what sort of decisions do you make? What are your beliefs as you pay for a product or service?

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Life Lessons: The analogy of the Pressure Pot

I get much of my inspiration when I’m in the kitchen and it has nothing to do with food. Or does it?

As I was getting anxious this morning that it seems that my pressure pot was taking longer than normal to blow its whistle, Divine Intelligence (DI) intervened.

pressure cooker

DI: Is there anything that you can do to make the pressure pot whistle?
Me: No.
DI: So you see Kavita, if you could just focus on washing the dishes while the time builds momentum for it to reach the tipping point, there is nothing you can do to speed up the process. It is always advisable that you spend the time to move into alignment with the tipping point, then everything falls into place. One cannot complete the picture without the other. Yes?
Me: Got Yah! (And so I shifted my focus to do my part)

…And I was inspired to share this lesson with you!
Hoped you enjoyed it!

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Alignment of self in all you do!

Hey there loves,

What an inspiration and blessing this weekend has brought!  I’m sure many of you were either super charged by the Full Moon’s energy or pretty restless – depending on where you are in your journey.

For me I got much clearer on what I wanted! Not by wanting it but by experiencing it and realizing that was what I wanted!


I felt that Goldilocks effect – when she got into Baby Bear’s bed and it felt it was”just right”!

Yesterday I discovered what it felt like to not only have like-minded people in my inner circle but also in my outer circle.   That was alignment! And the funny thing about it was that I was acutely aware that every single one of my relationships were aligned! I was right where I needed to be!

Now what did I do differently that attracted this change? Well for starters I had a pretty crazy week. This time however, I didn’t let the drama of sickness pull me down. I knew it was temporary. I saw beyond it. I didn’t push forward. I allowed my self to flow gracefully as I dropped my routines and just be.

I know my routines are necessary but they won’t work for the state of mind (and affairs) that I had showing up in my life, in this moment. Here is the kicker – I had already made peace with that! It was already non-issue!

I was also able to integrate other fragments of myself that I was not aware that I was neglecting until I stepped into it. For instance, I loved my tech life and I wasn’t expressing that side of me as much as I should. Then as I connected with a soul sister she was able to trigger this for me. I’m supper grateful for awareness and this growth.

Now I’m off to explore new pastures! What were your insights this weekend?

Be mindful. Have faith in you!

Be mindful. Be in the moment. You have heard this sentiment more than you care to admit. 
What does it really mean? Well, I’m sure we all have gleaned various meanings from it. And those meanings reflect an aspect of the truth. Your definition may change over time as you grow and expand your consciousness in this time and space.

So the question really is, what does mindfulness mean to you today? Now, in this moment? (Ha! the irony)

What is showing up for me is the value, blessings and sacredness in each moment. I get to appreciative of the power of a smile, a hug, a kiss. The value of sickness and the value of health. The human connection, this human experience.

As souls, we are everything, all the time. As humans the experience is filtered and it seems singular as we gaze into paying attention to various segments in our lives. We think of balance, harmony and the endless quest for bliss.

As souls we have everything we need. We are enough.

As humans we are like a door swinging on skewed hinges, unable to see beyond (the door).

You never really allow others to have faith in you, if you don’t have faith in yourself. Don’t get me wrong – they can and they will have faith in you. But if you don’t see that for yourself then even if they brought the moon and hung it in your backyard, you won’t be able to see it.
So my loves, look around you. Who are the ones that spend the time to inspire you, love you and nudge you in the right direction? That is also an aspect of you! Be mindful, be receptive and have faith in you! Then you can also be a light in their lives and we can all light up the world, together – this is how we can make it a better place!

May you be mindful as you read this, may your faith in yourself be restored and may you reach out and show gratitude for all the wonderful people in your life! Then just see what the Universe has in store of you as you open your mind, heart and soul in this way.💕 

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Ego vs Intuition – Ask the Angels for a Clear Sign!

I saw a job offer today. It was something I could do it in an instant. The person hiring was in a similar industry and was awesome at what he/she did. If I did this it, would be for the pure pleasure of getting things done.
Immediately another mail came it. The subject line was the first thing I saw. “Better things are coming” I knew it was a sign. Instead, I began to rationalize. “There is no harm in doing it (the job).” Instantly, my Aries personality kicked in. “Why not?”
I decided to draft my e-mail.
Before I could hit send, I got a power outage.
Then my little one turned everything off by swiftly pressing the power button on my UPS.
I grinned.
“Ok, I’m not doing it.” I declared. It would be nice to have electricity again! Then I proceeded to feed the baby. Click. The power returned.
Lesson? Not because you can do something means you should do it. Source was making sure I don’t feed my ego. Allowing me to use my time for what really matters. Sharing my unique gifts with the world.
And maybe, just maybe this happened to also to inspire you (because I did set the intent to write something inspirational today.)
You know when you pay attention.

Change: The best thing ever!


Now I know why my first major spiritual lesson, at 16 years old, was detachment!

The conditions that you are facing is just showing you the result of your point of attraction. That was based on the past. And you can change it. As Lousie Hay states, change your thoughts, change your life!

I do believe change is good, no matter how ugly it seems. It all works out for your greatest good. Look on the bright side, at least you are no longer stuck. You are moving. Be willing to see where it takes you. Enjoy the adventure!

And if you really trust the process, you will be detached from the outcome.
….And this is where the magic happens!
Expect miracles 😀

Love and blessings,

How do you feel as you read this post?
Where is your point of attraction?
What changes are you embracing?
Are you attached to the outcome?
What miracles are happening in your life?

The Magic Formula: Choice!

I’m really thankful for the contrast that I experienced in my life because it helps to make the good stuff even sweeter.
I’ve learned that the magic of life is choosing to be happy.
Either way, regardless of the details, it all works out for your Highest good.
You can only have what you want in the future if you can experience it NOW.
If you are not happy now, it’s most likely that you won’t be able to be happy later.
Changing a circumstance just to feel better is never the answer.
In fact it works  quite the other way. Feel better first and then the circumstances automatically change to match your vibration.
That takes the struggle out of everything. That’s what I mean when I talk about leveraging the power of the Universe.
It is gentle power.
It is in Me.
It is in You.
Where are you placing your focus?
Then let go and trust in the Divine.
You always get to choose!


A subtle reason to forgive yourself!

It’s so amazing how various feelings indicate where we are in relation to what we want.

And we get mad for feeling that way!

What do you do to change it?
Well if you can choose an activity that makes you feel better than where you are. And if you can’t, ask your Angels for help.

I felt something was “off” in my vibration. I couldn’t put a label to what it might be. I trusted it would reveal itself. And then I got the sign to do some forgiveness work on myself.

Forgiveness? I think I’m really good at forgiving. So what was this about? Well, it turned out that I needed to practice forgiveness to myself, every time I listened to that inner critic and doubted my abilities.


So subtle but what a profound feeling of freedom in making the time to do this. Have you forgiven yourself lately? If not, this is a great reminder to do so!


When Nice People Should Say No


You are nice ALL the time.
People comment on how kind, sweet and helpful you are.
And you pride yourself in those qualities.
Yes, You! You know who you are.

Somehow you wished you had a friend just like you to help you and boost your spirits when you feel tired, down or broken. And now you keep smiling through your pain because you feel obligated to the world (in your ego-mind your behavior has turned into a mind-virus: Your ego-mind feels that the world will fall apart if you don’t hold it up with your enthusiasm).

Then in your reality, you get overlooked.
You are not first choice for the promotion. You are called to do the majority of the behind-the-scenes stuff. You are always waiting for your moment to shine, with your heart becoming entangled with feelings of blame, resentment, anger or depression. You sometimes feel that even the Universe has overlooked you.

But the bitter-sweet truth is that we are learning and growing all the time. You may feel on top of the world or crushed by a monster truck. And those feelings are based on your perception to the problem. You have been hard-wired by mass consciousness to respond to your reality. You feel the need to believe what you see.

How can you change it (your reality),
if you keep responding to what
you have already created ?

Today, I urge you to revisit your priorities so that you make time for you first.
Continue to help others but only have you are fully charged (like a battery on 100%).

And if you need help rewiring your mind to focus on the good stuff,
then I happen to be great at that 🙂
Yes, I also trip myself up more often than most.
I’ve even seen how I’ve added bells and whistles to make my fall more dramatic in the past.
But, I keep getting up and I keep shifting my awareness.
Each fall happens in a new space.
And I learn.
I listen to my divine intuition and falls are 90% fun(ny) now.
Yes, the Universe has an amazing sense of humor.
This is the one thing for sure that I’m consistent with. If you want me to be part of your team, book your free clarity call to learn how we can work together.

See you on the other side!


Sitting on the Fence vs Aligned Action!


My experiences

You may experience your intuition gently whispering to you. Or you may have been seeing repeating signs, numbers, certain phrases….having lucid dreams, getting this feeling of having a premonition or experiencing déjà vu.

If you haven’t paid attention you’ll know it was something good but you can’t for-the-life-of-you remember what it was!

If you have been paying attention you KNOW that you need to scribble that intuitive hit down on something that you can find, when you need it!

I see those signs, now what?

Well, you have to first interpret your messages. Their meanings are two-fold. There is a generally meaning and a personalized meaning that applies to a specific area of your life.

If you are fumbling with meanings and patterns, that’s my area of expertise 🙂

After you know what your message is, you may simply glide into incorporating the message and the lessons.

Unfortunately, as humans we tend to over analyze simple Universal truths. And then our old limiting beliefs get in the way and trip us up from embracing the truth!

What do I do then?

I’d always recommend that you hire a mentor or a coach that you resonate with! 


Because we cannot see our own blind spots. Because as David Neagle puts it “we don’t know what we don’t know!”

And why not let your good friend be a mentor?

Well because you friend is supposed to love you and all your flaws. So there won’t be a sense of urgency to change it. Or the other thing may happen, you won’t take your friend seriously!

Your coach is going to help you see your blind spots and guide on how to overcome them. (Yes, that’s my specialty too! – and it comes with a dose of divine intuition, so if you are not willing to be honest with yourself your reality will surely give you a bumpy ride).

It’s for the same reason why I hire a coach. An awesome coach always has another awesome coach behind him/her.

The important part is that you choose someone that you resonate with.

About that aligned action thing …?

Yes, once you get clear on what you want. Then the next step will always be revealed to you.

You need to take that step before you are given your next clue. If you have been ignoring the clue or resisting the step then you’re not in the game!! You’ve put yourself on the sidelines. You’ve decided to sit on the fence. And then you benign to feel that your life is passing by without you. 

Another important factor that your coach does is that she/he holds you accountable to take that step! So that you stay in the game and move gracefully along your path.

And when the path is full of twists and turns your coach reminds you that he/she is holding your vision for you! She/he will always bring you back to your vision and your mission.

This is how we change the world. And that change starts with me and you.

Are you ready to get off the fence?!

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